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Natural Gas Conversion

Private owners and fleet managers across North America are switching to natural gas for their light truck, bus and heavy truck operations for cost savings and to reduce their footprint on the environment.

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Why Switch to Natural Gas?

Aftermarket conversions offer state-of-the-art technology without voiding your warranty for enhanced performance, maximum horsepower, dual fuel capability, and will automatically switch to Gasoline when the NGV fuel is depleted.

More than four decades of technology development, computerized controls and better quality gas means that natural gas vehicles are ready-to-go and able to meet the demands of day-to-day private and fleet operations. There’s never been a better time to switch!

Natural Gas Conversion Advantages

  • Fuel cost savings of 40–70% per kilometer and greenhouse gas emissions reduced by 20–25%
  • Ability to operate on renewable natural gas for near-zero emission performance
  • Quieter operation providing less noise in urban settings
  • Lower levels of air pollution and air toxins affecting human health
  • Mature engine technologies providing required power, torque, and reliability
  • Extended Engine life, cleaner internal components and less carbon build up
  • Great for indoor vehicles such as lift trucks and arena ice resurfacers for improved air quality

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